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Innovative Elite Scottish Golf Passport website seeks Dragon Investor

3.26pm 1st March 2012 - Corporate

A ground breaking new website aimed at high spending visitors to The Home of Golf is looking for a Dragon-style investor. Targeting the 300,000 plus golfers who come toScotlandeach year, the Elite Scottish Golf Passport offers a unique incentive to play more courses than just the big-five Open venues.

The brainchild of premier golf auction site owner Graham Rowley and Sunday Times bestselling golf writer Dale Concannon, each of the 66 courses featured in the passport-style handbook has been carefully selected to represent the very best Scottish golf can offer. Some are centuries old, others are relatively new. Some are world renowned, others are hidden gems. Some will require a simple green fee, others are almost impossible to play. That is the challenge. The more “stamps” you obtain, the greater the golfing experience… The greater the satisfaction… the greater the bragging rights…

There is no time limit and the more stamps you register the greater the prizes on offer.

Every golfing visitor toScotlandqualifies for membership and can obtain the passport either online or via the many ESGP “partners” who already participate in the scheme.

Not surprisingly the idea has been widely welcomed by the Scottish Golf Industry. “We are proud of what we have already achieved,” said Graham, “But to take things to the next stage we need a major investment from someone who lovesScotlandand loves golf…”

Seeking a £250,000 investment to give the business a head start the Elite Scottish Golf Passport has “masses of potential” according to Dale Concannon. “We are already looking at extending it beyondScotlandinto other golf-rich countries likeIrelandand Wales maybe even theUnited   States…”

Graham and Dale tell us the website is ready to go live in the next few months. A state of the art quality website has been designed, tested and is fully interactive.

So if you are the Dragon they are looking for you can email them via: or telephone: +44 (0) 7980 500753.

Anyone who is interested can view the website via this link:

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