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BACKTEE Puts Competition on Back Foot with 100% SOR Policy

5.10pm 21st November 2016 - Corporate

backtee_mg_9349-solDanish apparel brand BACKTEE looks set to gain approval from UK retailers after it announced a 100 per cent sale-or-return policy on its entire range.

Distributed exclusively in the UK by Surrey-based Evolution Golf Limited, BACKTEE has – after consultation with its distributor – taken the unprecedented step of offering its complete range to UK club shops and High Street retailers on sale or return to ease the burden on buyers, a policy which has met with much acclaim in mainland Europe.

Evolution Golf director Nik Evans explained: “It’s not been an easy time for golf retailers in the past few years, so, to help with their planning and cash-flow, BACKTEE devised a supply strategy in mainland Europe which was based upon 100 per cent sale or return.

“Admittedly, it raised a few eyebrows initially, but that was more than two years ago and it’s been a resounding success since then. Having proved so successful in Europe, BACKTEE is now introducing the concept into the UK, and, as further proof of its appeal, we have established nearly 50 UK accounts already.

“We believe this is unique in golf apparel and there are no catches. Providing the retailer adheres to a few simple processes throughout the procedure – displaying the product, scanning etc – unsold items from seasonal ranges may be returned for full credit.”

Launched in Denmark in 1994, BACKTEE has grown steadily to be recognised as one of the most technically advanced brands in a region leading the way in that facet of the apparel industry. BACKTEE was seen on the European Tour being worn by 15-time winner Thomas Bjørn and is now firmly established as one of Scandinavia’s leading performance brands.

The brand designs, manufactures and markets performance golf wear for all seasons, delivering outstanding results in all conditions. All its products fit into at least one of its four concepts: windy, sunny, cold and rainy.

Evans added: “The use of innovative designs and construction, allied to technologically advanced fabrics – each featuring four-way stretch capabilities – ensure that golfers can always perform their best and feel comfortable while doing so.

“The brand produces a full-year’s range, available on split delivery to suit, plus an essentials range, available 52 weeks a year, which doesn’t tie up retailer’s capital in stock. BACKTEE’s ethos is to work alongside the retailer for mutual benefit – not to simply take orders and reap the financial reward, which is why everything is geared towards making the retailer’s life a lot easier.”

With almost 50 accounts already established in the UK, BACKTEE and Evolution Golf, using a team of agents, will continue to visit both green-grass and High St retailers across the country.

To enquire about BACKTEE – or a potential role as an Evolution Golf agent – contact Nik Evans at, or call 020 8390 8980.

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