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ASGCA Survey illustrates Members’ Worldwide Reach

8.54am 21st October 2011 - News - This story was updated on Friday, October 21st, 2011

The American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA) has announced the top-line result of a recent member survey designed to capture in numbers the “average” member’s professional experience.

In an effort to quantify ASGCA-member experience, members were asked to complete a survey discussing their professional background. The results yielded these impressive averages among members:

  • Years as a golf course architect – 29
  • New 18-hole courses designed – 42
  • 18-hole courses re-designed – 22
  • Master Plans created – 71
  • Projects touched or consulted – 147
  • Nations worked in outside the United States and Canada– 6

Among raw numbers, the international component is one of the most impressive. ASGCA members have designed courses in 92 different countries around the world, from Australia to Qatar and Kazakhstan to Vietnam.

“We have had anecdotal evidence about the number of years one member has been working or the number of courses another member has designed, but we never quantified those numbers before now,” said ASGCA President Rick Phelps. “In this economic environment it means something for members to say they are part of a Society whose breadth and depth of experience around the world is unparalleled.”

Along with other recent ASGCA messages – including drawing attention to the positive economic, social and environmental benefits of the golf course, and highlighting the 95 percent of golf courses designed not to host a major championship but to provide a fun, challenging experience for players of all skill levels – these figures paint a picture showing the dedication and commitment ASGCA members have to the game and the environment around the world.



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