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Happy Birthday Twitter

This week sees the anniversary of the social media phenomenon that is ‘Twitter’. It is 7 years old. Twitter is believed to have over 200 million followers, sending over 400 million ‘tweets’ every day.

Always very much on trend, as you would expect from, we today publish an exclusive interview with the Social Media experts at Golf Marketing Services. It is highly informative, especially for those who are not already members of the ‘twitterati’.

Readers who wish to ‘follow’ can sign up at the top of all our News pages to @eGolfBusiness – if you wish to subscribe to a more personal service my own ‘tag’ is @GBNPublisher.

Don’t worry, either way we’ll send you this Newsletter again next week (but for the benefit of those observing the Easter weekend, it will be on Thursday 28th March).

Geoff Russell, Editor





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