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Education, Education, Education

I have spent much of this week at the National Conference of the Golf Club Managers Association in Leicestershire. Congratulations must go to GCMA’s new Chief Executive, Bob Williams, and his team for organising such a successful event.

The Conference was dedicated to Networking and Education. I was impressed by the large numbers of very experienced managers from well-known golf clubs throughout the U.K. who felt that this programme was so important that they should make the time and effort to attend. Perhaps that explains why these men and women are so successful at their jobs. They set a fine example to us all: you are never so experienced that you have nothing left to learn!

Upcoming opportunities for further professional development occur at the beginning of December at the Asia Golf Show and in January, with BIGGA’s excellent ‘Continue to Learn’ programme in conjunction with BTME.

It’s not too soon for us to start planning for our further education!

Geoff Russell, Editor


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