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Darren Mania

Well, if you thought that the celebrations following Rory McIlroy’s US Open Championship were spectacular, now we really know how to party!

Ever since the final putt dropped last Sunday, Darren Clarke has been showered with praise and honours in abundance, and wealth beyond the dreams of avarice – not least the £2 million that he has received from Mike Ashley, owner of Dunlop Clothing, as part of the ‘no-win, no fee’ deal that has been in place for the last five years or so. (It is believed that Lee Westwood has a similar deal – ‘Go, Lee!’)

Perhaps best of all, is the fact that the world has decided that all of this could not possibly happen to a nicer bloke. Furthermore there is no talk of Darren being the ‘next so-and-so’ or ‘Britain’s answer to anybody’, Darren Clarke was, is and always shall be ‘The One and Only…’

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Geoff Russell, Editor


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