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Compelling figures

During the launch press conference for PowerPlay Golf the promoters revealed two key pieces of research.

A panel of 1,000 respondents who have played golf were asked:

In the same way that Twenty20 has created renewed interest in cricket, do you think golf would also benefit from a shorter format which is faster and cheaper, with an emphasis on excitement?

Over 70% agreed with this saying that they would either want to watch it on TV or play it themselves but in the younger age group (16-24 years) this rose to 84.2%.

If a pro golf tournament took under 3 hours from start to finish, instead of four days, and had top male and female Tour golfers playing in the same event, would you be interested in watching it on TV and/or attending as a spectator?

72.3% said that they would want to watch this on TV.

Food for thought?

Geoff Russell, Editor

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