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Awards and Rewards

The Awards Season is nearly over.  Congratulations to everyone whose achievements have been recognised and honoured in public. To those who just missed out as third or fourth ‘runner-up’  we wish you better luck next year.

In just a few weeks the clocks ‘spring forward’ into Summer Time and it will be the start of a new golf season – except at all those clubs which will not be re-opening in 2013. In the U.S. that’s reckoned to be more than 150 – the seventh straight year that more clubs have closed than opened.

Dana Garmany, the subject of last week’s interview, told us that the key to survival and future prosperity of individual golf businesses is change and ‘ for people to get their head out of the sand and realize just because something was done a certain way for 50 years, it does not mean it will be successful going forward.’

You may not all win an award for this but you will get a reward – you get to keep your job.

Geoff Russell, Editor


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