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A new World Record

It is inevitable that during the coming few weeks the number of people out on the golf course will be reduced by the huge interest generated by London 2012. In fact some owners/managers may regard the opening of the Olympic Games as more bad news, coming as it does after an extraordinary spell of bad weather (described in detail by John Bushell at The Open Golf Industry Lunch last week).

However, as John also pointed out, Golf in Europe is in great health, and we should be in a positive mood, even if we still have four years to wait before we can join The Olympic Party at Rio 2016.

In that spirit, therefore, please celebrate with me as this week ¬† sets a new World Record for the most new stories contained in a single edition. That’s Official!

So start reading now – I don’t want you to be late for the Opening Ceremony.

Geoff Russell, Editor

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